Sunday, December 14, 2008

Jolly 'Ol St. Nick

We took the kids to see Santa in Lawrenceville at the historic Court House.
This is a tradition we've had for about 7 years! It is such fun and Santa always spends lots of time talking to the children.

How sweet is that? Rae was pretty nervous! She kept reminding me to stay close to her, but when she hopped up on his lap she looked soooo cute that I had to step back and get a picture. Just as this picture was taken she realized I had stepped away and began to cry:(
Sorry Rae, but I had to get the shot!
Ali wore my Santa earrings and was tickled when he got excited about her having them on. Ali had a HUGE list for Santa and had a hard time working it down to a couple of items. She was editing the entire drive over to see him.

Randee was shocked when Santa ask, "You do like the Jonas Brothers don't you?"
Santa does know everything!!

Nate of course thinks he's a little too big for Santa,
apparently not too big to give Santa a fist bump ;)

Our '08 family photo with 'Ol St. Nick.
Hope Santa is able to get ALL the last minute additions to the Christmas lists!
Merry Christmas from our family to yours!!

Saturday, December 6, 2008

Our Princess

Rae was invited to a princess b-day party and she was just too cute!!
The poncho she is wearing was actually made by my
Grandmother Stanger when I was her age.

She enjoys being a model!

She was soooo excited to be able to wear a little makeup!
She can always bring a smile to our family,
we are grateful to have this princess in our castle ;)