Monday, May 25, 2009

My Guys ;)

I must admit that I'm very proud of the accomplishments
"my guys" have had the past week!
Nate's team, the Cubs, won their division championship in like the most exciting game ever!! He now plays in the senior league which means there are boys from 15 to 19 year old men!! (well they look like men and some even have FULL beards!!) Nate tries very hard and has done well playing with the big kids ;) The championship game actually went into extra innings and then with 2 outs, 2 strikes and the bases loaded (Nate being on 1st base) the hitter got a home run!!!! GRAND SLAM!!!
Cubs win, cubs win, cubs win...I love an exciting b-ball game!!
Great job Nate, we are very proud of you!!
Nate with the trophy they awarded the winning team!
Last year Ran spent two LONG (three day) weekends doing Wood badge training. He dreaded it but actually had a fun time and came home very motivated to include many of the ideas into his troop. After the training is complete, they are required to complete 6 tickets (basically BIG goals) that will help improve their troop and leadership. Once the tickets are completed there is a campfire where they receive a new neckerchief, woggle (leather knot) and beads. The awarding is done in front of the participants attending Wood badge this year.
Ran with two of his fellow Bear patrol members and his "little" unit leader :)

He was VERY proud of himself!!!

Receiving his new neckerchief.
It's all good that he's COMPLETELY trained now, I'm sure it just added about 5 more years to his Scout Master calling ;)
Way to go guys, Love ya bunches!!!

Friday, May 15, 2009

End of School Year Festivities :)

The end of the school year has been VERY busy!!!
I wanted to share a few pictures of some of our activities.
Miss Rae had her graduation from pre-K!!
This was very emotional for Ran and I :( The entire time I just kept thinking, "wait, wait, this is my BABY!! she can't be this old!!"

Rae walking in, notice Ran's hand waving at her.

Her class reciting the pledge. Soooo sweet!

Getting her diploma for her teacher Ms. T.
She also received the "Best Manners" award!

Rae with her lead teacher Ms. M.

~Popa, Rae and Ali~
Yes, I let Ali skip school to attend (shhhh).
Ran started this little finger wave with the girls this year. When he drops them off at school they do this "wave" to each other as he drives away :) Rae was SO happy to be able to wear her favorite church dress to school! We are extremely proud of her! She has grown a lot over the school year and has been a little sponge, learning everything her teachers have taught!

Ali had field day!
The weather was just perfect!
I love this shot of Ali and her best friend while listening to the tug-of-war instructions. I guess K. was a little tired from all the other activities and was resting her head on Ali's shoulder :)

Ali and K. taking a break during field day.
(Ali's teacher is in the background wearing green.)

Randee received an award for being on the merit roll last 9 weeks! But I'm proud to say she has worked VERY hard and is on the honor roll this 9 weeks!! She is in an accelerated math class that is very hard. Basically they've done all of 6th grade math and half of 7th grade math this year. She finished the class with an A, Hoo-Ray!!
She also had a poem she wrote chosen to be in a literary publication that Gwinnett schools put out each year! Great job, Dee :)

Randee had her final chorus concert of the year.
Here she is with Ran after the concert, ready to go for ice cream! This s a fun tradition Ran started; it makes all concerts a little sweeter!
Even more activities next week.....