Saturday, March 21, 2009

Fun Mom? Bad Mom?

Last night at 12:01 am (OK, technically early this morning) the LONG awaited Twilight went on sale at Wally World :)
Randee loves the series and since Ran and Nate were gone on a camp out....why not???

This was the the status of the girls when it was time to leave:
Rae...snoring loudly!
Ali....finally comfotable, sound asleep!
Randee....very excited!!
When we arrived there were about 30 people in line. (11:30pm)

My two sleeping beauties were easily awakened by
the promise of a new pair of flip-flops :)

She was so tired!
She was offically in line for about 50 minutes, which isn't too bad except when you are about to fall asleep! She has her copy and will be watching it with Ran tonight, since he hasn't seen it yet...that will be interesting, not really a guy movie :)
All in all, it was fun and for whatever it's worth now my little ones can say they've been in Wally World at midnight :P
Ok, so what type of Mom does that make me?

Friday, March 6, 2009

Got Armor????

Family Home Evening

For FHE we had a lesson on the Armor of God.
I got the aluminum foil idea from an activity Ali had at church (thanks Alison) and there was a great article in the Feb. New Era that fit perfectly!

The kids each had a turn trying on the armor as
we discussed the meaning of each piece and how to actually have their armor on daily.
I hope they got the deeper meaning that I was trying to teach, but I know they had a fun time!
Of course the lesson ended in an aluminum foil ball fight;)

Wish I could really dress my kids in an armor
that would keep ALL the bad away!!

Sure do love my soldiers!!!!

Minnie meets the snow ;)

Randee, Ali and Rae had a great time playing in the snow this past weekend!!
They decided to mix things up a bit and make a
"Minnie Mouse / Snow Woman"

As you can see, the snow was stacked on top of the green utility "thingy"
so she wouldn't get her dress dirty! The girls also had fun eating the snow! They would fill up their cups with snow and add all different types of flavorings...honey, chocolate syrup, kool aid, water flavoring packets, chocolate milk....yummy????

I'm soooo glad we got snow!!
It is such fun for the kids to play in, but I LOVE to watch it peaceful! Sorry no pictures of Nate, he spent the day on his go-cart. Every time I saw him he was doing donuts on the ice, good "boy" fun!!

Hope we get even more next year........