Thursday, January 7, 2010

Florida FUN!!!!

Since I have not blogged in a while my next few post will be a bit of playing catch-up!
In October we took a quick trip to Florida. It was a fun get away but had to be short due to missing school. We were able to spend a day at Cocoa Beach, which is 1 hour east of Orlando. The temperature was in the low 70's so most of us didn't venture in the ocean but Randee, our usual mer-girl, spent hours splashing in the cool water. Ali also took a dip but quickly decided it was just too cold! The rest of us spent the day searching for shells, walking along the beach and still enjoying the beauty and relaxation offered only by the awe of the ocean.

Rae & G'ma Beve searching for shells.

Randee, pre-swim.

Nate spent much of his time taking photos of the beautiful scenery.

Ali looking at the Atlantic.

Rae chasing the seaguls.

We spent an evening minature golfing, which is always fun!!
Randee taking a break while waiting for her turn.

Ali in a HUGE pot!

Nate got a little confused with which sport we were playing =)

All of our sweet kiddos!!

Ran helping Rae.

The high lite of the trip was our day at Disney World!!! The weather was perfect and the lines weren't bad at all!! It was an enjoyable, LONG day!! We arrived at the park at 9am and left at 11:30pm! We were T.I.R.E.D. but it was worth every smile!!

Ran and the kiddos ready for a day of fun!

Rae trying to pull the sword out of the rock from the Sword and the Stone movie.

Ali in front of the castle at night time. It was so pretty all lit up! It was also cool to see Tinker Bell fly down in the dark.

Randee, Ali and Rae on the much loved Dumbo ride!

The parade was a favorite for all of us!! I love this picture because you can see Snow White and Prince Charming waving at Ran and Rae!!

Randee and I waiting for the parade to start.
(I love my teenage BFF)

Rae and Ali with Pooh and Tiger!! Very Exciting!!

Rae was sooooo happy to get her face painted like a princess kitty! She and Ali were all smiles the entire day!! They rode every ride they could and walked every step without complaining! Ran and I had the most fun watching their faces =)

The whole gang with Pooh and Tiger! Nate and Randee also had a fun time and were great sports with ALL the kiddie rides. (thanks teenagers!!)
It was a fun trip with lots of great memories!!

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

I'm making it......

Life is not always perfect or fun or easy. As a matter of fact, sometimes it's just plain HARD!!! I've had some struggles of my own the past few months and it has taught me a great deal and also reminded me of what is truly important. I've learned that we ARE stronger than we think! Heavenly Father knows us and He knows what our abilities are, especially when we doubt, He knows. I've learned that the Atonement is a miracle that can heal us is many ways. I'm reminded how much I love my elder brother, Jesus Christ and so desperately need him in my life. I've have been reminded what a sweet, special blessing my children are and that my Heavenly Father often shows His love for me through them; they are so loving and patient with me. I've learned how important it is to continually fill our spiritual reservoir so when the storms come, and they will come, that we are prepared to face them. My love for Ran has increased! Our covenants made in the Temple are real and powerful. I completely believe with my entire soul that he and I were together before this life; we will be after. I've learned how much Satan wishes to destroy families. He is real yet, with Christ on our side he has NO power! My trials will be different from yours but we will ALL have trials. That is our purpose on earth, to be tested and prove ourselves to our Father in Heaven. I honestly believe that I did not actually realize in the pre-existence how HARD this life could be or maybe I've just forgotten the faith I knew my Heavenly Father had in me and that no matter what, I would NOT fail!!! I am stronger. My love for my Savior has grown. My need for Him has increased. So if we are here to prove ourselves by turning to Christ through our trials, at least for this one I can check it off.
I'm making it!
Heavenly Father, I know you are proud~

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

**Double Diner**

Sunday afternoon, after a much needed nap, Ran and I were lead to the kitchen to find it had been transformed into "Double Diner" :) The girls had gone all out!!
menus, decorations, the table set beautifully, pics of Ran and I around the room!!!
It was so sweet and simply adorable!! oh, and the food was way yummy, too!!
The beautiful table setting!
(not my best pic, barely awake! but enjoying the diner none the less ;)

Flowers they picked from the yard and a grouping of some of my favorite willow tree angles.

The menu =)

The waitress: Ali
The cook: Randee
Our diner guest: Rae
They are So cute!!! I'm so thankful they are mine!!!
Ran and I are truly blessed!!
A quiet Sunday nap and a romantic dinner at home!
Thanks, girlie's!!!

Friday, August 14, 2009

Back in the Saddle!

Randee riding Jessie!

Randee started back taking horseback riding lessons again yesterday!!! We are SO excited that we were able to get her in at a barn that is only 5 minutes away!! It always surprises me how well she rides! Her confidence and ability is a true talent~ I could sit and watch her ride all day, it so peaceful. I'm thankful she has a hobby/interest that has lasted since she was 5 yrs. old. Although she doesn't ride year round, each time she starts up again it's like she hasn't missed a week. We love you "Dee" and are so happy to see you back in the saddle =)

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

First Day of School!!!!

Wow! Summer went by crazy fast this year!! And like it or not, kick and scream if we must the first day of the new school year has come and gone. Yesterday was a hard one with my baby starting kindergarten=( I began tearing up about it weeks ago, so there was no surprise when I burst out crying upon entering the school. This did little to console Rae or Ran for that matter. Moments after the below picture was taken we were ALL crying!! I'm happy to report that she had a wonderful day and told me she was only sad, "for about 5 seconds or minutes"!! It was also emotional as I really took a moment to S.T.O.P. and look at each of my how they've grown over the last year! I'm so proud of each of them and I just love them more than words can convey and it is my prayer they have the best school year ever!!!
Rae seated at her table, ready for Kindergarten!!

Rae 5 yrs., K

Ali 9 yrs., 4th grade

Randee 12 yrs., 7th grade

Nate 15 yrs., 10th grade
(yes he leaves when it is still dark out)

Friday, July 17, 2009

aaahhhhh, Summer Time!!!

Oh, how I LOVE summer!!!
I love having my kids home! I love the relaxed schedule! I love that there's no homework or projects to stress over! I love that we are able to spend more time having fun and making wonderful memories! We've done a lot of things this summer and still have a list of activities to do but I wanted to share just a few of them with you.......

We had a fun week visiting with many of our cousins at my parents home. It was special treat to have Danny's family from Arizona there. Above is Ali and Katie (danny's) they are close in age and similar personalities. They always have a good time together :)
Below is my sis Cindee and another favorite cousin Jayde (sam's). With 24 grandkiddos and a "Dukes of Hazard" mentality, it was good GeOrGiA fUn!!!!

The beginning of June, Randee and Nate joined Popa for a weekend in Pigeon Forge, Tenn. They commented how beautiful the drive was through the Smoky Mountains.

The hotel they stayed at had a water park so they spent lots of time in the pool!
YES!! They are jumping off the diving board together!!

Of course, the true reason for the trip was a car show ;)
Ran had a great time and was able to talk with some people about Peggy Sue, his 1950 Merc.
I love that he has a hobby that brings him joy and that he takes time out of our busy life to truly RELAX once and a while, gazing at an antique beauty or talking Flatheads ;)

We've spent lots of time at the pool this summer!!

Miss Randee, 12 yrs. going on 16!!

Miss Rae, our little fish!
She went from swimmies to swimming in the 5 ft. in 2 weeks!!!

Miss Ali, our little Mermaid/diver!

Ali trying to balance on a beach ball!

I see you Rae, can you see me?? Love the goggles!

No summer is complete without a trip to Cabbage Patch in Cleveland, GA.

A happy baby Randee,
A sad baby Randy ;)

Ali and Rae in HEAVEN!!! They love it there!
Ali actually dreams of working there when she grows up!
A favorite weekly activity is a trip to Mayfield Dairy.
Cold, creamy, YUM!!
Ahhhhh, Summer time!!
Our reward for surviving the rest of the hectic year!