Thursday, January 7, 2010

Florida FUN!!!!

Since I have not blogged in a while my next few post will be a bit of playing catch-up!
In October we took a quick trip to Florida. It was a fun get away but had to be short due to missing school. We were able to spend a day at Cocoa Beach, which is 1 hour east of Orlando. The temperature was in the low 70's so most of us didn't venture in the ocean but Randee, our usual mer-girl, spent hours splashing in the cool water. Ali also took a dip but quickly decided it was just too cold! The rest of us spent the day searching for shells, walking along the beach and still enjoying the beauty and relaxation offered only by the awe of the ocean.

Rae & G'ma Beve searching for shells.

Randee, pre-swim.

Nate spent much of his time taking photos of the beautiful scenery.

Ali looking at the Atlantic.

Rae chasing the seaguls.

We spent an evening minature golfing, which is always fun!!
Randee taking a break while waiting for her turn.

Ali in a HUGE pot!

Nate got a little confused with which sport we were playing =)

All of our sweet kiddos!!

Ran helping Rae.

The high lite of the trip was our day at Disney World!!! The weather was perfect and the lines weren't bad at all!! It was an enjoyable, LONG day!! We arrived at the park at 9am and left at 11:30pm! We were T.I.R.E.D. but it was worth every smile!!

Ran and the kiddos ready for a day of fun!

Rae trying to pull the sword out of the rock from the Sword and the Stone movie.

Ali in front of the castle at night time. It was so pretty all lit up! It was also cool to see Tinker Bell fly down in the dark.

Randee, Ali and Rae on the much loved Dumbo ride!

The parade was a favorite for all of us!! I love this picture because you can see Snow White and Prince Charming waving at Ran and Rae!!

Randee and I waiting for the parade to start.
(I love my teenage BFF)

Rae and Ali with Pooh and Tiger!! Very Exciting!!

Rae was sooooo happy to get her face painted like a princess kitty! She and Ali were all smiles the entire day!! They rode every ride they could and walked every step without complaining! Ran and I had the most fun watching their faces =)

The whole gang with Pooh and Tiger! Nate and Randee also had a fun time and were great sports with ALL the kiddie rides. (thanks teenagers!!)
It was a fun trip with lots of great memories!!


Anonymous said...

that was a fun trip!!!!!!!!!!!!

ali mountain

chrisnallynkids said...

You were smart to skip school to go to Fl. We went the week of Christmas to Disney and to Cocoa Beach. Disney was SO crowded it was just frustrating. I didn't feel like we got to do much. I get frustrated just thinking of our day at Disney. Chris and I went to Cocoa beach and left the kids at his brother's house, that part was great! There were not many people at the beach.