Tuesday, August 11, 2009

First Day of School!!!!

Wow! Summer went by crazy fast this year!! And like it or not, kick and scream if we must the first day of the new school year has come and gone. Yesterday was a hard one with my baby starting kindergarten=( I began tearing up about it weeks ago, so there was no surprise when I burst out crying upon entering the school. This did little to console Rae or Ran for that matter. Moments after the below picture was taken we were ALL crying!! I'm happy to report that she had a wonderful day and told me she was only sad, "for about 5 seconds or minutes"!! It was also emotional as I really took a moment to S.T.O.P. and look at each of my kiddos.......my how they've grown over the last year! I'm so proud of each of them and I just love them more than words can convey and it is my prayer they have the best school year ever!!!
Rae seated at her table, ready for Kindergarten!!

Rae 5 yrs., K

Ali 9 yrs., 4th grade

Randee 12 yrs., 7th grade

Nate 15 yrs., 10th grade
(yes he leaves when it is still dark out)


Wendy said...

i can hardly believe Rae is old enough to go to kindergarten. I still her as that sweet little quiet girl that smiled at me during singing time in nursery. How I love that face . . . still. Guess what, Mandy and I are your new Visiting Teachers!!! I am soooo excited. Call you soon. Love you.

lonestar said...

Love the pictures, this post is so sweet :). Wow, kindergarten! Glad to hear she wasn't sad for long, I hope they are all having a great start to the school year.