Friday, July 17, 2009

aaahhhhh, Summer Time!!!

Oh, how I LOVE summer!!!
I love having my kids home! I love the relaxed schedule! I love that there's no homework or projects to stress over! I love that we are able to spend more time having fun and making wonderful memories! We've done a lot of things this summer and still have a list of activities to do but I wanted to share just a few of them with you.......

We had a fun week visiting with many of our cousins at my parents home. It was special treat to have Danny's family from Arizona there. Above is Ali and Katie (danny's) they are close in age and similar personalities. They always have a good time together :)
Below is my sis Cindee and another favorite cousin Jayde (sam's). With 24 grandkiddos and a "Dukes of Hazard" mentality, it was good GeOrGiA fUn!!!!

The beginning of June, Randee and Nate joined Popa for a weekend in Pigeon Forge, Tenn. They commented how beautiful the drive was through the Smoky Mountains.

The hotel they stayed at had a water park so they spent lots of time in the pool!
YES!! They are jumping off the diving board together!!

Of course, the true reason for the trip was a car show ;)
Ran had a great time and was able to talk with some people about Peggy Sue, his 1950 Merc.
I love that he has a hobby that brings him joy and that he takes time out of our busy life to truly RELAX once and a while, gazing at an antique beauty or talking Flatheads ;)

We've spent lots of time at the pool this summer!!

Miss Randee, 12 yrs. going on 16!!

Miss Rae, our little fish!
She went from swimmies to swimming in the 5 ft. in 2 weeks!!!

Miss Ali, our little Mermaid/diver!

Ali trying to balance on a beach ball!

I see you Rae, can you see me?? Love the goggles!

No summer is complete without a trip to Cabbage Patch in Cleveland, GA.

A happy baby Randee,
A sad baby Randy ;)

Ali and Rae in HEAVEN!!! They love it there!
Ali actually dreams of working there when she grows up!
A favorite weekly activity is a trip to Mayfield Dairy.
Cold, creamy, YUM!!
Ahhhhh, Summer time!!
Our reward for surviving the rest of the hectic year!


Monique said...

what fun! I cant wait til mine are a little older and summertime can be relaxing! ;) I still remember the first time grandma and grandpa took me to The Cabbage Patch! Thats dreamland for a little girl!

Kathi said...

Fun Busy Family !!!! The pictures are great. They really show off their personalities. Thank you, Thank you for letting Randy & Ali come to Durango, We are having way too much fun, only wishing the rest of you guys were here. I'll email you with some photos, so you'll see what your sweeties are doing. Love you guys !!!!!

lonestar said...

What a fun summer! Love the pictures :)